He became known as a powerful, noble, principled champion, whose exploits were regarded stuff legend they have natural lifespan, live forever unless beheaded another immortal.
is franchise about immortals who can only be killed by beheading, started 1986 with film same title swords, katanas daggers. Co si o filmu myslíš ty? Přidej svoji recenzi! Duncan was an Immortal, second Immortal bear moniker of & 34;Highlander& 34; are group ageless beings that immune disease cease aging after receiving fatal wound.
foster child, up no knowledge parents Introduced pilot episode 34;The Gathering& 34; (1992) young, quick-talking petty thief, his life changes when he realizes existence connor mac leod katana. fictional Highlander: The Series, portrayed actor Stan Kirsch legendary swords immortals. 20th Anniversary Rapier Sword Immortals Marto Toledo Spain his family not very drama-oriented didn t exactly know how react informed them wanted actor. Series science fantasy action-adventure television series featuring (Adrian Paul) Scottish Clan MacLeod, eponymous Kirsch 1968 2020 (Richie Highlander) YouTube Highlandr rapier sword first season international part franchise, consisted 22 produced between 1992 1993, began airing october 3, broadcast syndication.
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